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Your Product Management Promotion Cheatsheet

Unlock your product management career potential with this handy career progression cheatsheet.

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Essential Guide to Software Product Management

Explore the multifaceted role of a software product manager, Learn what it takes to excel in this dynamic career.

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A World Without Email Book Summary & Study Guide

Escape inbox overload. Learn how the hyperactive hive mind workflow cripples productivity and find strategies for efficient, focused work in the digital age.

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Inspired Book Summary & Study Guide

Explore the essence of Marty Cagan's 'Inspired' in this book summary. Discover key insights on product management strategies for crafting exceptional products.

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Crossing the Chasm Book Summary

Book notes and study guide for a classic in new product go to market strategy.

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Coaching vs. Directing: Mastering Leadership as Head of Product

Explore the balance between coaching and directing to empower your team and enhance product management. Learn key strategies for effective leadership.

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The Principles of Product Development Flow Book Notes

Using ideas from lean manufacturing, transportation, telecom, computer systems and military doctring this book will change thinking on product development.

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The Loop Book Summary & Study Guide

Explore "The Loop" with this handy study guide that summarizes the key concepts and provides questions to test your understanding.

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The Zen of Collaboration: 5 Strategies to Avoid Design by Committee

Explore key strategies to avoid 'design by committee' in product development.

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