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Applying the Kano Model Framework: A ClipDish Case Study

Discover how the Kano Model revolutionizes product development through our ClipDish app case study. Enhance user satisfaction and competitive edge.

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Product Management Butterfly Effect

Product management decisions can have unintended consequences.

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Product Management Books : Your 2024 Reading List

Elevate your product management skills with top books on strategy, market insights, agile methods, and more These books are must-reads for product managers.

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Applying Porter's Generic Strategies: Grocery Case Study

How to align a business strategy with cost leadership, differentiation, or focus to succeed in your market by following the lessons learned from grocery stores.

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Orchestrating Agile in Large Enterprises

Explore the pivotal role of Product Managers in the SAFeĀ® framework, highlighting their key responsibilities, for agile practices in large-scale organizations.

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Software I use to Get Stuff Done

Here is a list of software I run on my devices to help me manage my life.

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Stop Fighting Your Product Roadmaps

Focus on thematic outcome based roadmaps to break out of the feature-factory mindset.

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Doing Scrum? You need goals

Transcript of an exchange with an Agile coach on Sprint misconceptions

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Automating your Mac and streamline product management

Save hours by building automation into your product management workflow.

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