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How to cook up a prioritized product backlog with RICE

The RICE Framework is an efficient method used by product managers to prioritize features and ideas. With it you can objectively evaluate each feature and make data-driven decisions. Make sure your team is working on the right stuff.

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Mastering the Art of Prioritization: Tools for Product Managers

Learn how to prioritize product requirements with tips and tools you can use to balance user needs, feedback, and technical feasibility for success.

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Product-Led Growth: Your Competitive Advantage

Product-led growth can help you gain more customers. Using Fantastical as a case study, see how you can leverage this technique to drive users to your product.

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The Product v. Sales Matchup: Why Focusing on APIs is Key to Enterprise Growth

Discover how focusing on API features can help you support sales, build partnerships, and expose your app's functionality to third-party services.

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Stop doing, start delegating

“Yeah, everyone thinks they’re a designer.”

Years ago, my company hired a branding agency. During one of our sessions I made a suggestion about a creative direction the firm could take.

I was quickly shut down by the owner of the firm with those words that have stuck with me all of those years later.

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Hidden Omnifocus Settings

The definitive list of hidden preferences in Omnifocus.

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Stay on task with macOS Shortcuts

macOS Shortcuts with Fantastical and HeyFocus keeps me on task.

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Optimizing for Mediocrity

When you lose your best team members because of poor management you’re optimizing for mediocrity. Want to optimize for high performance?

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New Stanford Marshmallow Test

Good scientists (and product managers) constantly test assumptions and change their minds based on new data.

I read a lot about Behavioral Psychology / Economics which is a fascinating subject area if you are a product manager.

One of the studies I will often find in books is the Marshmallow Test. If you’ve never heard of it the concept is easy to summarize.

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