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Why don't you just ...

If you have worked in product management for more than a few months someone has said this to you. It's deeply frustrating and can feel condescending.

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Embracing Constraints for Innovative Solutions - A ClipDish Case Study

Need to find an innovative product solution? This case study shows how contraining thinking sparks creative solutions.

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The Essential Role of Product Management in Engineering-Driven Companies

Explore how product management transforms engineering-led organizations. Dive into its benefits from reducing costs to aligning product development with business goals, ensuring the creation of successful products.

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Always Be Testing

Make sure that you use checklists when you are testing anything that is sent to a user.

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What are the hidden costs of a company policy?

Company policies have hidden costs. Have you thought through them?

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How-to quickly clean old newsletters in Apple Mail

I receive a ton of email newsletters. I try to unsubscribe but let’s be honest who really wants to go through and manually click “unsubscribe?”

I know there are paid services that will manage your inbox for you. I just don’t feel like spending the money.

Here’s a way to nearly automate batch deleting tons of email in macOS Mail.

So, if you want to follow along, launch your Mail app and let’s get going.

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Product Manager & UX Interview Exercise

When I interview Product Managers or UX designers I usually block off time for an interactive exercise to see how a candidate tackles product problems. This involves designing a feature for app or website. Not to design the “right” solution but to observe thinking. I don’t want “free work” from the candidate so it’s never about my company’s products. Rather, I’ll take an application that I’ve used recently that I find particularly irksome.

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Product Ownership is Taken, Not Given

Ownership is taken, not given. If you are starting out in product management, don’t wait for your boss to give you responsibility over a product line. Prove that you deserve it and then take ownership. How do you prove you deserve it? Understand the company’s strategic vision. Be able to articulate that strategic vision and how the current product fits (or doesn’t.) Understand your product inside and out. Understand your competitors inside and out and know why they make the choices that they make.

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How to Build Better Products by Asking Yourself One Question

Discover how to shift from product-focused to customer-emotional needs in product management, enhancing value by understanding what you're really selling.

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