Joe C New

Hi! I'm Joe. I'm a product guy, coach and founder.

My first professional job involved playing video games for 9 hours a day. After experiencing early signs of brain rot, I thought it's best I learn how to write software.

You could say my entire career is characterized by this “why not?” attitude.

Read on to learn more about what I do and how I can help you.

The best way to reach me is to send me an email.

How can I help you?

Product Team Building

I love building teams. Let me help you find, and hire great product managers, UX designers and engineering leaders.

Product Strategy

A product isn't just the thing you build. It's all the activities your firm engages in to bring it to life. All of these activities have to be grounded in a sound strategy. Let me help you discover winning strategies for your product.

Product Validation

Do you have an idea for an MVP? Let me help you avoid some of the pitfalls around building the wrong thing. Let's work through a lean process in order to bring your ideas to life.

My product portfolio

Intellifit 3D Body Scanner

Intellifit was a 3D body scanning technology that used low power radio waves to construct a 3D model of a person. That model was used to extract body measurements. The body measurements were used to help customers find great fitting clothing. While at Intellifit I was the VP of Engineering, responsible for all of the…

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AWeber Campaigns

AWeber is one of the earliest email service providers. Initially founded in 1998 Aweber helps thousands of small businesses communicate with their customers. When Aweber began their key differentiator was an automated drip campaign. This is a time based series that delivers regular email messages to an audience. As more competing products came into the…

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Music Choice SWRV

As the Director of TV Product development, I was responsible for the team that introduced the worlds first 24 hour interactive music video network. Music Choice SWRV (now Play) allowed viewers to take control over the video programming by voting for their favorite upcoming music videos. Check it out here.

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I started my career at ENSONIQ. This experience shaped who I am. I worked with an amazing group of engineers and musicians who were truly passionate about the work they did. My work was on the multimedia team. We designed and built the ENSONIQ Soundscape family of products. I started in QA playtesting video games.…

Read More is an AI-powered job board. Using semantic text analysis, I provide an interview guide to candidates that are tailored to each specific job. The project was built using Python and the Django framework.

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What others are saying...

Mike Krupit – Founder & Coach, Trajectify

Joe is one of the best product managers I’ve worked with on the East Coast. Philly has lots of people who say they’re product managers, Joe is the real deal (from a Silicon Valley perspective). I’ve worked with him on a couple of engagements via Trajectify and there isn’t anything he can’t do.

Jamie Wulf – Software Engineer

I worked with Joe at MeetMe (formerly for about 3 years, working closely together on numerous projects related to advertising and the Social Theater platform. (Social Theater is an advertising platform that allows brands to create custom engagements for Facebook.) In that time I found Joe to be an exceptional product manager who I…

Jennifer Bulvanoski

I had the extreme pleasure to work with Joe at MeetMe. His professional demeanor and high standards towards excellence are truly refreshing. He is able to understand complex technical issues and can articulate them into clear and concise business terms to non-technical users. Joe can be counted on to plan carefully and thoroughly, to mobilize…

Chuck Hall – CEO, Business Coach

Joe was the featured speaker at a Novotorium program for entrepreneurs. He shared his experience and insights on using gamification to increase online engagement with customers. He did an excellent job, and participants appreciated the value he brought to the table. I would strongly recommend him to others. Thank you, Joe! -Chuck Hall

Spencer Lewis – Marketing Strategist

Joe has that rare ability to be a technical mind while maintaining a marketers sensibility. Since he understands both sides of the equation he is a valuable resource because of his ability to judge and provide recommendations that are both technically and marketing savvy. -Spencer Lewis

Jim Cutie – VC, Board Member

Joe is an extremely detail oriented individual and a critical part of our team. I worked with Joe during the nationwide launch of the Intellifit kiosks. During that time Joe showed his ability to not only manage the finer details of launching this program but also the vision to find innovative ways to connect with…

Rob Weber – CEO

Joe is an exceptionally talented product development manager and software developer. He is a big picture thinker who is equally comfortable working on product strategy as he is developing code. At Intellifit, Joe led the team that developed the e-commerce site, web services and kiosk software. -Rob Weber