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I’m the co-founder and CEO of ClipDish, it’s a passion project for me that lets me get my hands dirty writing code plus work in all other facets of the business.

Called a “genius app” by Philly Magazine, we think it’s the best way to save and organize recipes you find on the web.

Focus areas

Data analytics

Product analytics is the practice the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to improve product development and inform business decisions.


Product strategy is the plan and approach for developing and positioning a product in the market to achieve business goals and meet customer needs.

Product Discovery

Product discovery is the iterative process of exploring, testing, and validating ideas to create a product that meets customer needs and solves business problems.


Product roadmaps are high-level plans that outline the vision, goals, and features of a product over time to align stakeholders and guide development efforts.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements gathering is the process of defining and documenting the needs and expectations of stakeholders for a product or project.

User Experience

UI and UX design is the art and science of creating intuitive and engaging digital interfaces that enhance the user's experience and achieve business goals.