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Stop doing, start delegating

Reflect on the value of trusting experts with a personal story of learning to let go and empower professionals in their field of expertise.

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Navigating the Challenges of Cross-Functional Team Dynamics

Leading a cross-functional product team with an uncooperative team is tricky. Discover strategies to manage these challenges effectively.

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Navigating the Jungle: Protect Your Product Strategy from HiPPOs

Learn effective strategies to safeguard your product roadmap against high-level, often subjective input from HiPPOs (Highest Paid Person's Opinion).

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Six Essential Strategies for Smooth Sailing in the New Year

Discover six key strategies necessary for product managers aiming to chart a successful course in their career and product.

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Hidden Omnifocus Settings

The definitive list of hidden preferences in Omnifocus.

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Stay on task with macOS Shortcuts

macOS Shortcuts with Fantastical and HeyFocus keeps me on task.

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Optimizing for Mediocrity

When you lose your best team members because of poor management you’re optimizing for mediocrity. Want to optimize for high performance?

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New Stanford Marshmallow Test

Good scientists (and product managers) constantly test assumptions and change their minds based on new data.

I read a lot about Behavioral Psychology / Economics which is a fascinating subject area if you are a product manager.

One of the studies I will often find in books is the Marshmallow Test. If you’ve never heard of it the concept is easy to summarize.

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When product veterans make rookie mistakes

Sometimes “veterans” make rookie mistakes.

This week was my turn, if you’re in #productmanagement come along and learn from my mistake.

When I coach product teams and they ask me to review their user stories or roadmap, I’ll always ask them “How will you know if you’re successful?” Often times teams will scratch their heads and say something vague like “they’ll use it.”

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