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Wodify is a software company that develops applications for the fitness industry.

I was brought into Wodify as part of a team conducting technical due diligence of their overseas engineering team.

Additionally, I was tasked with identifying the competitive landscape for potential new verticals that the company was interested in exploring.

Focus areas


Product strategy is the plan and approach for developing and positioning a product in the market to achieve business goals and meet customer needs.


Product roadmaps are high-level plans that outline the vision, goals, and features of a product over time to align stakeholders and guide development efforts.


coaching is the process of providing guidance, feedback, and support to individuals and teams in order to improve their performance and achieve their goals. It can help build leadership skills, enhance collaboration, and promote personal and professional growth. Coaching can be customized to the needs of individuals or teams and can be delivered in a variety of formats, such as one-on-one sessions, group workshops, or online training.