Great sites for picking website color schemes

  • 26 Oct, 2018

I have a hard time with colors. I don’t know if I’m actually color blind but I will admit that from time to time I’ve left the house with two different color socks. I know my inability to ascertain color can hamper my ability to create visually pleasing web sites but I don’t want to stick to black and white. However, finding color designs to steal (ahem, borrow) is extremely tedious. If you’re color scheme challenged like I am then check out some of these websites to help you create eye pleasing color palettes.


COLOURlovers is a community driven website which provides color palettes which you can use for your website. The content is nicely laid out, and if you have a palette theme in mind (tans, blues, etc) you can drill down into dozens of different pallettes.

Material Design Palette

If you are building a site and you want it to follow Google’s Material Design guidelines check out Material Design Palette. This site will generate really great looking palettes for you. All you have to do is pick one or two colors and let it do its thing.

Your Turn

Picking a great looking color palette for your website shouldn’t be hard even if you are color-impaired. Check out those sites and be inspired. Have you come across another color scheme site that you like? Tell me in the comments.

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