Who am I?

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m an executive level product development guy Joe Cotellese Product Managerwho’s really passionate about developing consumer facing technology products.

I began developing software for consumer products about over 20 years ago. Over the years, my career as moved me from QA tester to software engineering and engineering leadership and finally into product development leadership.

I’ve worked in pre-investment startups all the way through to large corporations. I’ve held executive and senior level product and engineering positions at MeetMe (MEET), Music Choice, Intellifit, opGate, Creative and AWeber. No matter what size company, I’ve always taking a pragmatic approach to product development.

I’m currently the founder of Sharey – an advertising platform for e-book publishers.

Through the course of my career I have either either directly managed, launched, or developed software for:

My specialities are in product management and product marketing with a focus on agile development, product lifecycle management, build vs. buy analysis, business models, product requirements documents and interaction design.

I apply those specialites today developing mobile applications for iOS and Android and SaaS web applications. Most recently as the head of product at AWeber, an email marketing platform in use by over 120,000 small businesses.

I also really enjoy mentoring startups and students in the art of developing products quickly and efficiently and have held speaking engagements at the Novatorium Technology Incubator and Temple University.

If you’re looking for me in other places on the web you can follow me on Twitter @JoeCotellese and LinkedIn.

Please share your thoughts.