Thoughts on Product Roadmapping from Jana Bastow

Jana Bastow provides some great tips on how to deliver better product roadmaps in your organization. She focuses on a couple of key areas:

  • What is the roadmap?
  • How do I build one?
  • What will it look like?
  • Who should see it?
  • How do I overcome obstacles?

There’s a couple of really great takeaway’s here.

Getting the product vision right is key. This should be bought in by everyone in the organization from the CEO on down.

There isn’t a set “format” for a roadmap, it’s just an artifact. In fact, I’ve done roadmaps on whiteboards, Keynote and Excel. Use whatever tool will effectively give your team the clarity it needs to make decisions.

Roadmaps don’t communicate exact dates. This is what project management is for. It’s best to work in month to quarter granularity. The closer things are to today the more granular the roadmap should be.

The one real miss in this talk is around what to do when you need to change items on the roadmap. I like to invoke Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu realized that all plans are temporary and that any plan could become obsolete as soon as it’s written. Change is ok as long as it’s clearly communicated to the organization and it’s done for the sake of improving one’s strategic advantage in your industry.

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Joe Cotellese
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Joe Cotellese
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