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Product Ownership is Taken, Not Given


Ownership is taken, not given. If you are starting out in product management, don’t wait for your boss to give you responsibility over a product line. Prove that you deserve it and then take ownership.

How do you prove you deserve it?

Understand the company’s strategic vision. Be able to articulate that strategic vision and how the current product fits (or doesn’t.)

Understand your product inside and out.

Understand your competitors inside and out and know why they make the choices that they make.

Understand your customers needs and pain points.

If you wait for the ownership fairy to tell you it’s time you’ll be disappointed.

Great 15 minute overview of the role of Product Owner

Henrik Kniberg, Agile/Lean coach at Spotify & Lego gives a 15 minutes presentation on being a product owner. I love the way he condenses this information down into a digestable bit. Some key takeaways here. Your agile teams should be cross functional. Don’t get bogged down in manual regression testing. Invest in automated testing and continuous integration. Every story needs at least one automated acceptance test and unit tests on the code. Continue reading