Joe Cotellese

👋 Hi! I'm Joe – product guy, coach and founder.


I started my career at ENSONIQ. This experience shaped who I am. I worked with an amazing group of engineers and musicians who were passionate about the work they did. I joined the team as the first QA hire on the multimedia team. The multimedia team designed the Soundscape family of soundcards. QA for sound cards involved me spending hours each day playing video games to ensure Sound Blaster compatibility worked. Continue reading

AWeber Campaigns

AWeber is one of the earliest email service providers. Initially founded in 1998 Aweber helps thousands of small businesses communicate with their customers. When Aweber began their key differentiator was an automated drip campaign. This is a time based series that delivers regular email messages to an audience. As more competing products came into the marketplace and as our customers became more sophisticated with their email campaigns we needed to update the product. Continue reading

Intellifit 3D Body Scanner

Intellifit was a 3D body scanning technology that used low power radio waves to construct a 3D model of a person. That model was used to extract body measurements. The body measurements were used to help customers find great fitting clothing. While at Intellifit I was the VP of Engineering, responsible for all of the software for the website, kiosk and 3D scanner. Check out some photos and videos below to see it in action. Continue reading