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Lazy UX Design – Phone Number Fields

Grrr, I hate poorly designed forms. I’m especially annoyed by forms that want humans to think like computers. Case in point, take a look at this phone number field from Bed Bath and Beyond. Phone numbers in the US can take many forms – parens around the area and dash separated are the most common. What…

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When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods

There are many different ways to research your users. So many in fact that it’s hard to know when to use a particular method. In this post, the author lays out framework you can follow to help you determine which UX research method to follow. In When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods the author describes a framework for…

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UX Patterns for Expression Builders

I’m working on requirements that require an expression builder. I’m collecting some examples here. In this example there are a number of expressions that are draggable so you can change the order of the operations.  

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