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From the world of product management…

Ken Norton talks about two career paths in product management in the article Ken Norton: Dual-Track PM Ladders.

Product vs. managerial career paths In an earlier newsletter, I wrote about product management career paths and why we should create opportunities for PMs who don’t necessarily want to become senior managers. I received a lot of feedback on that article, including a surprising number of you who, like me, prefer staying close to the product over ascending the executive ladder. This conversation might strike you as being strictly Big Company,” but it’s just as important to set career opportunities at a startup, even if the individual rungs on the ladder won’t be filled for years to come.


Want to build a good product? Get feedback early…

Peter Merholz  provides a baking analogy for soliciting feedback from your customers.

The quicker you can get feedback on what you’re thinking the better your idea will be. Usage is oxygen for ideas.

That’s so quotable!


Great Product Launch Checklist

Tanya Johnson publishes a product launch checklist you can use when planning your product launches.

Find it over at

Are Chatbots the future of user interfaces?

In July of 2013 Toby Shapshak, the South African speaker, strategist and editor of Stuff Magazine, did a TED talk called You Don’t Need An App For That. Business leaders, innovators and experience designers would soon realize how profound this TED talk was to the rest of the world. Shapshak’s astute observations and message to the rest of the world was years ahead of a revolution that Forbes would call “the new way we’ll be interacting with computers.”


Something to think about…

Be stubborn on vision but flexible on details.

– Jeff Bezos

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