ProductJobs.io is an AI-powered job board. Using semantic text analysis, I provide an interview guide to candidates that are tailored to each specific job. The project was built using Python and the Django framework.

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Ensoniq Audio PCI ES1370 Chip

I started my career at ENSONIQ. This experience shaped who I am. I worked with an amazing group of engineers and musicians who were truly passionate about the work they did. My work was on the multimedia team. We designed and built the ENSONIQ Soundscape family of products. I started in QA playtesting video games.…

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Music Choice SWRV

As the Director of TV Product development, I was responsible for the team that introduced the worlds first 24 hour interactive music video network. Music Choice SWRV (now Play) allowed viewers to take control over the video programming by voting for their favorite upcoming music videos. Check it out here.

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#5Things in #Prodmgmt for September 15, 2017

Happy Friday! Welcome to another installment of #5Things in Product Management. Here’s some of the things I’ve been thinking about and reading in the world of product management this week. I’m building a startup right now and am thinking alot about Product Market Fit. This great article from @chrija dives into it in “WTF is…

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Be Amazing

I recently went to a great BYOB restaurant that just opened in Philadelphia. A week later, they sent me this. When was the last time you did something unexpected and awesome for your customers? Writing this card probably took the waitress 30 seconds to write. The impact for the business is priceless. I’ve already told…

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