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Product Ownership is Taken, Not Given

By Joe Cotellese / April 26, 2015 /

Product ownership is taken, not given. If you are starting out in product management, don’t wait for your boss to give you responsibility over a product line. Prove that you deserve it and then take ownership. How do you prove you deserve it? Understand your product inside and out. Understand your competitors inside and out and…

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Great 15 minute overview of the role of Product Owner

By Joe Cotellese / January 26, 2015 /

Henrik Kniberg,  Agile/Lean coach at Spotify & Lego gives a 15 minutes presentation on being a product owner. I love the way he condenses this information down into a digestable bit. Some key takeaways here. Your agile teams should be cross functional. Don’t get bogged down in manual regresssion testing. Invest in automated testing and…

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Add Agility to your Product Management Process

By Joe Cotellese / December 7, 2014 /

Agile is a software development process that focuses on delivering customer facing value in small iterations. This article assumes that your development team works in Agile Scrum. At my current company @AWeber, the Product Management Process is what I would term Scrumfall. We do not build heavy Product Requirements Documents that we turn over to…

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How to Build Better Products by Asking Yourself One Question

By Joe Cotellese / November 10, 2014 /

As Product Managers we’re constantly running around in 50 million different directions. It’s easy to lose focus under the barrage of feature requests coming at your from sales, marketing, customer support, customer interviews and internal stakeholders. You end up spending too much time looking at your product as “that thing that you’re selling” when you…

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Want to build a better product? Stop obsessing about it (here’s what to focus on instead)

By Joe Cotellese / November 2, 2014 /

Assume for a moment that you just returned from a cross-country trip. You’re sitting at home looking at your credit card statement with all of the trip expenses. Which companies are most likely to show up on your bill? If you flew, maybe it’s USAir or JetBlue. If you drove, you’re likely to see Exxon,…

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Rework Book Summary

By Joe Cotellese / May 22, 2014 /

I recently finished the excellent book Rework by the guys at 37 Signals. If you’ve read Getting Real, most of this is old hat. However, if you are interested to see how their product development principals are applied to running a business. Check it out. Here’s my outline. Chapter 1 – First The New Reality…

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Joe Cotellese
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Joe Cotellese
Doylestown, PA

My first professional job involved playing video games for 9 hours a day. After experiencing early signs of brain rot, I decided to teach myself how to write software.

My entire career is characterized by this “why not?” attitude.

I'm currently the co-founder of AppJawn, the software company behind the amazing recipe organizer app ClipDish.

I also help transform companies into product driven organizations as a fractional CPO.