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What John Mulaney can teach us about bad UX design

By Joe Cotellese / October 4, 2021 /

Last night we went to see John Mulaney at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. We arrived at 6:45 to find two lines wrapped around the block. I expected a line, COVID screening takes time. What I didn’t expect to find was a second line inside the theater where people were taking our phones and…

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In sales? Mixmax is your personal assistant

By Joe Cotellese / December 22, 2018 /

In grade school, I was a Boy Scout. A rite of passage for all Boy Scouts is the day you get a pocketknife. I loved that pocketknife. Besides doing the obvious, cutting stuff, it also had a bunch of other cool attachments. It had a fork, spoon, toothpick, and a bottle opener because, you know,…

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Product Tunnel-vision

By Joe Cotellese / November 27, 2018 /

Focus on the problem, not the solution. I just spent about a half an hour looking online for replacement photo sleeves for a baby album that sits on a shelf in my office. I needed to do this because the sleeve was torn. After coming up empty and thinking I’d have to toss the whole…

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My Productivity Workflow

By Joe Cotellese / November 20, 2018 /

I have a number of tools and techniques for getting stuff done throughout the day. This article originally was written to myself as a text file. I’m publishing because it might help others. It’s certainly going to help me when I inevitably fall off the wagon. Getting Things Done I follow the GTD methodology for…

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Finally! Never Look at Another Piece of Paper in Your House Again

By Joe Cotellese / November 19, 2018 /

Note: This is an update to the post I originally published here. I don’t update that site anymore and am pulling relevant content onto this website. I have a huge filing cabinet and I hate using it. Each day, I get mail – junk mail, bills, medical records, brochures, manuals, school work, investments. You name…

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How to Implement GTD using OneNote

By Joe Cotellese / November 18, 2018 /

Overview In this article I’m going to discuss how I moved from Omnifocus to OneNote for implementing the Getting Things Done methodology. OneNote is a great cross platform general purpose digital notebook application from Microsoft. The cross platform nature of OneNote suits me really well since I have an Android, Mac and iPad and am…

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Joe Cotellese
Product Manager
Joe Cotellese
Doylestown, PA

My first professional job involved playing video games for 9 hours a day. After experiencing early signs of brain rot, I decided to teach myself how to write software.

My entire career is characterized by this “why not?” attitude.

I'm currently the co-founder of AppJawn, the software company behind the amazing recipe organizer app ClipDish.

I also help transform companies into product driven organizations as a fractional CPO.