Joe Cotellese

👋 Hi! I'm Joe – product guy, coach and founder.



I started my career at ENSONIQ. This experience shaped who I am. I worked with an amazing group of engineers and musicians who were passionate about the work they did.

I joined the team as the first QA hire on the multimedia team. The multimedia team designed the Soundscape family of soundcards. QA for sound cards involved me spending hours each day playing video games to ensure Sound Blaster compatibility worked.

Later, I moved into software development.

I started by coding the installation software using InstallSHIELD, Borland C++ and Windows DLLs.

I also built the deployment pipeline using Python.

Later, I moved into driver development maintaining the Windows NT drivers as well as contributing to the AudioPCI support in the Linkux kernel.

I ended my tenure there as a Technical Program Manager, which was what we called product managers back then. My focus was on ensuring we were building the right product for key accounts such as Dell Computers and Gateway.