Jamie Wulf – Software Engineer

I worked with Joe at MeetMe (formerly myYearbook.com) for about 3 years, working closely together on numerous projects related to advertising and the Social Theater platform. (Social Theater is an advertising platform that allows brands to create custom engagements for Facebook.) In that time I found Joe to be an exceptional product manager who I enjoyed working with.

Joe’s product specifications were well thought out and clearly written. He focused on the “What” and left it to me and the other developers to define the “How.” While other product managers I’ve worked with define specs and requirements and expect them to be followed to the letter, Joe is open to collaboration and shifting gears if/when it makes sense. This made for a great working relationship between product and the development team.

I’d recommend Joe for anyone looking to improve the product development process in their organization.

-Jamie Wulf

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Joe Cotellese
Product Manager
Joe Cotellese
Doylestown, PA

My first professional job involved playing video games for 9 hours a day. After experiencing early signs of brain rot, I decided to teach myself how to write software.

My entire career is characterized by this “why not?” attitude.

I'm currently the co-founder of AppJawn, the software company behind the amazing recipe organizer app ClipDish.

I also help transform companies into product driven organizations as a fractional CPO.


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On blog posts where I discuss products I may include affiliate links. If you click on one of these links and buy something then I get a teeny-tiny commission. As of this writing I think I make enough to buy a cup of coffee once every couple of months. 

I don't get any paid compensation directly to write product reviews. I think that's pretty scammy.