#5Things in #Prodmgmt for September 15, 2017

Happy Friday! Welcome to another installment of #5Things in Product Management. Here’s some of the things I’ve been thinking about and reading in the world of product management this week.

I’m building a startup right now and am thinking alot about Product Market Fit. This great article from @chrija dives into it in “WTF is PMF?

The problem with PMF is that it’s hard to precisely define and even harder to measure. So difficult, in fact, that I’ve heard several people resort to the “I know it when I see it” phrase (famously used by a Supreme Court justice to define pornopgraphy).

Read more in WTF is PMF? Part 1

Prototyping things shouldn’t be left to just your designers. Every product manager should do this. @productboard dives into this in this article on prototyping.

Prototypes are visions of the future — some way of being able to see and experience the future of an idea [where doing so in words would fall short].

Read more on the productboard.

John Cutler always has great stuff, I came across this piece about velocity.

Second, you must reframe your view of faster. The speed we care about is frequency of learning, frequency of delivering actual value (outcomes), and speed to respond to changes in our environment.

Read the entire piece at Hackernoon

I went further down the prototyping rabbit hole and watched this really great video from Tom Chi on prototyping.

Something to think about

“You want to be extra rigorous about making the best possible thing you can. Find everything wrong with it and fix it. Seek negative feedback, particularly from friends.” – Elon Musk

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