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Dr. Jim asks “What can product managers learn about pricing from Disney?”

Can you tell me where “… the most magical place on earth…” is? If you said “Disney”, then good news – roughly a billion dollars of advertising over the years has done its job in creating a solid product development definition. Going to a Disney theme park is the dream of many families. They may save for a long time, pack the family up, travel to the park, and then hope that the weather behaves itself so that they can create lasting family memories. However, Disney is thinking about making changes to how much creating these lasting family memories will cost. Is this a good idea?


Zurb Chief instigator Bryan Zmijewski talks about how Steve Jobs harnessed the Rule of Thirds

Last week, I shared a story about an encounter I had with Steve Jobs and broke down some of the tactics of Steve the ‘showman’ used to dazzle us at each new Apple event. The ‘design leader’ is the Steve I’m most interested in, the man that could effectively drive innovation and move his organization forward. People often poke fun of what they saw as Steve ‘the dictator.’ This comic by Manu Cornet does a great job of representing the different styles of leadership practiced by the tech giants.


Poorly designed input fields makes me cranky…

Many designers put the responsibility on the user to format their data input. This causes major user experience problems when users fill out formatted data fields.

When users type their input they will notice that it isn’t formatted. This will make them wonder whether they should type the symbols in or not. This uncertainty can make some users uncomfortable and lead them to abandon the form.


If you’re a product owner, check out this mind map from Hans Brattberg…


Something to think about…

People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas.

– Steve Jobs

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