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Hi everyone, it’s time for another #5Things in product management. I’ve tweeted a lot of great product management articles this week. Here are some a few of the best ones that I’ve found.

Are you working in a feature factory? This post from @JohnCutlefish helps you sort it out. My favorite test?

Infrequent (acknowledged) failures and scrapped work. No removed features. Primary measure of success is delivered features, not delivered outcomes. Work is rarely discarded in light of data and learning. Often the team lacks the prerequisite safety to admit misfires


If you think that the Agile framework will manage risks for you, you’re headed for a big wake up call…

Agile is Not a Risk Management Approach

Some people believe agile approaches with their short cycles and regular feedback have a risk management approach naturally built into the process. It is easy to see why, the building blocks and attachment points for plugging in an effective risk management process are certainly present, but unfortunately just building something iteratively or incrementally does not ensure risks are managed.


@TheCleverPM thinks that the hardest part of product management is dealing with humans…

A big part of our jobs as Product Managers is to lead through influence, and this means that we have to convince others of the direction that we want to take.  And this can be really hard.  Everyone in our organization has a different spin on the product, the strategy, the company, the culture — and often these only truly “mesh” at their core, with the radiating effects or impacts of these goals pushing us in a wide variety of directions.  Add to this the fact that different people learn, think, and decide through different paths makes it even harder.  We need to take time as Product Managers to understand how it is that the influencers in our company do these things, and when, where, and how we should approach them in order to move things forward.  Some people respond to data, others to emotional appeals, and still others strictly on financial motivations — we must know who is swayed by what appeals, and use those to our advantage on a daily basis.


@CayenneApps offers seven reasons to use SWOT analysis when developing your strategy…

Did you know that SWOT analysis is more than fifty years old? New methods come and go, but hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world still trust SWOT. Why is it that the framework developed in the 60′ still stands bravely, invariably finding new supporters in such a volatile business world, where the landscape is constantly changing?

There are of course many reasons — some of them more abstract, and some more specific to certain types of ventures. Here you can find our Golden Seven — an opinionated list of the SWOT features, which make it so useful for every business.


Something to think about…

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

– Peter Drucker

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